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"Science isnt about WHY, its about WHY NOT!? -Cave"
14 years old
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ok, so enough of the shit posting, lemme be real with you guys rn.

i havnt and wont be very active for a little bit, i will pop up online sometimes but im not exactly "online" just kind of checking in i guess.
and if you have messaged me and i havnt replied im really sorry, some recent stuff has come up and life has just been uh lets just say it hasnt been very nice, i guess lmao.
so i wont be very "active" for awhile, at least not on myspace. i will be active on discord and trying to reply to messages and stuff, (thats really the only thing i can kinda control rn lmao)
so if you need me i guess talk to me on dicord
my dicord @ is δ Çhµ¢k-È-Çhêê§ê δ#4271 if you need me.
sorry again

also please dont try to ask me whats wrong you guys dont need to worry :) (if any of you care that much lmao XD)

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