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15 years old
United States
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My Carrds

Since my carrds arent working, i thought i'd just info dump here!

My name is comet. id consider myself alt but im currently having an identity crisis so be patient. i dress like an egirl but i am a leftist and punk at heart. i love roller skating and biking around my town

Music- i listen to FOB, tyler the creator, queen, MCR, mother mother, and old timey christmas music. I like riotgrrrl but havent found a lot of bands. OMG and this 90s rock band called CAKE is absolutely amazing, along with Franz Ferdinand

Media- i dont watch tv, but i watch a lot of youtube like Dream SMP, old Lunch Club videos, the Misfits, Epic SMP (wink wink) the MBMBAM podcast, and Jreg

Politics- very much a commie, leftist, very very queer, BLM ACAB, yada yada

the infamous simp list

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