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Some of you guys have your eyes closed when you accept people on this site, right?
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I remember being told that there was a Hitler page on this site, this page, went to go check it out and realize that it has, currently, 130 friends. Checked other accounts that are terrible, some have a pretty small following, others like Jxoredo, have a big following that is still followed by active people that know the shit they did.
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I know some of you guys blindly accept requests without looking at the page, but holy shit, at least click on the profile and take a minute to look at the content, I promise you that your friend number is not that big of a deal for you to be accepting accounts like that.
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And by the way, I can see your comments under those pages, the "I don't support this, but your page is so cool, very swag!!!!" comments. Those are so upsetting and embarrassing to read, I can't believe that I ever followed some of you.

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we are all monkeys, monkey see flash- monkey click. i agree 100%


oh god that is awful. can someone dm me the name of that prof so i can block it? thank you so much for this PSA.


i removed all friends who were following that and other bad accounts! thank god you made this cuz im not online enough to even think about shit like that


I honestly try to stay away from those accounts. If someone I know has them in there topped then I go from there on if I unadd them or not.

I can not stress this enough, especially if your a minor, CHECK THE PAGES THAT ADD YOU!


so glad im not the only one who thinks this holy shit... i remember when that account tried to add me i checked it out and seeing all those people just add it as if it was nothing annoyed me so much. is it that hard to just... ignore people like that and just report -_-?? your friend counter is literally just some funny numbers bro

The SkullZ

Literally every person on this site has a pavlovian response to the flashing text in the corner of the screen. They're gonna accept no matter what it is just because it makes them feel good.
In a way (a very strong way) this site is very, very sad.


I always check the profile because the first day i had someone antisemitic try to friend me and I saw Tyler was also friends, so i blocked the both of them.


it somehow never crossing my mind that ppl who followed me could a l s o be following hitler accounts? and ppl are commenting shit like "based hitler"??? the stupidity of some people i swear-


i sometimes see friends of mine on this site being friends with some of these people and its so disappointing to see.


i have no idea whats going on with myspace right now but all this accounts ran by shitty people are going unnoticed and its all so fucked up