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"Wolf Productions"
13 years old
United States
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The Wolf Pack

Plz comment your answers like this: 1.(your answer for question 1) 2.(your answer for question 2) etc.
Application Questions:

  1. Do you have Skype, an outlook email, or a different type of email?
  2. Will you attend every scheduled meeting? (pop up meetings dont matter unless it is an emergency)
  3. Will you follow all rules and orders?
  4. If you see one of the members not following the rules/orders, what do you do? (listing steps is more effective)
  5. Do you swear to the oath that for as long as your in the pack, you shall forever protect and serve the Wolf Pack?
  6. Do you play Roblox? (does not have an incorrect answer)

The Founder/Leader of The Wolf Pack is Mr.Wolf, email: naterater26@outlook.com roblox account: IIZ02 xbox account: TheREALMrWolf

Oath: I swear, to Mr.Wolf, that when I am in the pack, I shall serve and protect the Wolf Pack for as long as I am in the pack. Any rules, orders, and/or directions I break will have consequences.

Rule #1: Follow all orders. (More rules are still being created and discussed)

Things we do: We chat and play games on Roblox most of the time.

Enemy: Bottle Cap Foundation (It been a long time I've seen the team and I don't know if they exist, but they are still the Wolf Pack enemies)

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