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strawberry picking

I went strawberry picking with Watari today.

Typically, Watari would do such tasks on his own, but I decided to come. Watari knows which strawberries are good to pick, but there are some things only I am able to ascertain for myself, and this is one of them. Seeing and touching the strawberries in person allows me to discern which strawberries are 'perfect' (or rather, as perfect as possible regarding my tastes.)

There are some criteria to help me decide which strawberries to choose. The strawberries must be red in entirety, as strawberries cannot ripen off of the plant. The outer flesh should be somewhat lax; not mushy, but not hard. Medium strawberries are ideal, as they contain a good ratio of substance (flavor) to size. I prefer my strawberries to be less tart, and this cultivar fits that description decently.


I had a pleasant afternoon that day, and was able to take plenty home with me. Nevertheless... there was one thorn in my side that day. Ms. Amane, spurred on by my request to come, wanted to bring herself along as well. I told her I would not take her.

She took my rejection as a challenge. A challenge to be as obnoxious as possible that day.

I have no idea what she planned on doing with this photo she took of me. If she intended it to be blackmail, then by posting it on my blog decreases it's severity, so I will (regrettably) be posting it here.

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OH YES. wonderful. wholeheartedly agree.