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Of course it's TikTok kids, it had to be. Tumblr people are bad enough but were to be expected, now we've got these negative IQ little gremlins running around on here. Perfect. I know, it's not my website so I shouldn't even care, I'm just so tired of everything I start to enjoy getting ruined by people so dumb that, in this case, you can convince them to file down their own teeth or get a tattoo that turns out to be a Nazi symbol for example.

I theorize that more isolated people, whether for physical appearance or other reasons, tend to be smarter these days since they have time to study and learn things, whereas more social people focus on social activities (eg. TikTok) and don't take time to learn. Look at people like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerburg, they're not great looking people but they've managed to succeed in life, likely due to not spending all their time on other people (Gates was said to lock himself in his room with dozens of books and only come out to eat as a teenager).

I'm in a worse situation, I look okay and I'm fairly isolated but I spend my time on useless crap like yelling at TikTok kids so I'm no genius myself, not yet anyway. Not only that but I'm really boring, so what am I doing on a social media site anyway? Yeah, forget it. Thanks for listening to my TED Talk.

(also not everyone who uses tiktok is automatically a terrible person, bla bla bla)

Edit (4/18/21)

Wow, this was pretty cringe. TikTok has a large userbase so it's impossible to judge everyone by a couple cherry picked examples reported on by huge corporate news outlets (this applies to other things too, like political views). I don't care where you come from, just don't be stupid. Most people I saw on here before already seemed cringe because they came from a particular side of Tumblr so it doesn't matter anyway.

ok peace, i'm outta here :P

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sorry i came from tik tok :( they hav funny video tho