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new myspace clone?

hey so we all know this platform is pretty watered down and stuff. i'm thinking abt making a myspace clone that is somewhat more modern. sure the old-school vibe of myspace is great but i think it'd b a lot more sustainable and fun to be on a platform that has newer features. ie. live notifications, better inbox, possibly even stuff like the "who viewed your profile" thing on tiktok (non-disablable, suck it lol).

website will have up-to-date UI, but possibly an option to revert to old-school design if you want that.

been dwelling on this for a minute, what do you guys think?



i joined that site in june and the security is fucking horrible. i reported a couple of vulnerabilities like an SQLI and so many fucking XSSes, but i know for a fact that XSS is still possible along with a JSI because the developers are incompetent and didn't want my assistance. stay the fuck away from the site. at the very least use a different password/email than usual so that you aren't subject to anything horrible if the information is stolen in an SQLI attack which probably is still possible one way or another given their security measures. you can also get your cookies/session data stolen and used to perform actions on your behalf.

tl;dr: don't go on fp unless you want your information stolen. including other accounts that you own (ie. instagram) if you use the same password for all your platforms.

edit: oh yeah. apparently the current owners of the site are fucking pedophiles.