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"I can`t deal with it."
Trans Male
12 years old
United States
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sry for not being online!! :((

h!! ! !m sry f0r n0t b3!ng 0nl!n3 f0r l!k3, 4 wh0l3 m0nth :(( !m gl4d t0 b3 b4ck th0ugh!!
!v3 just b33n d0!n my th!ng !g, !v3 w4tch3d 4ll 0f Bl4ck Butl3r !n th4t t!m3, f!n!sh3d MLP, R34d gu!d3stuck 4bd m0r3 h0m3stuck, st4rt3d pl4y!ng fr!d4y n!ght funk!n m0r3 4nd l0ts4 c00l 0th3r stuff!! !v3 4ls0 g0t m0r3 c0spl4ysss h3h3...
4nyw4ys, ! h0p3 y4ll h4v3 h4d 4 g00d t!m3! l0v u 4ll!!

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