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15 years old
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hi !!!!
so here in australia, we have seasons at the opposite times than in the northern hemisphere, so winter is in june - august here, which always seems to shock people when i say that ??? i thought it was basic knowledge, but oh well.

anyways, summer is coming soon and I can't wait!!! this summer break i'm planning on:
. improving my wardrobe: i really want it to be more colourful, i used to really only wear black which i'm starting to change now.
. improving makeup: i honestly have only started wearing makeup till last september, which i'm proud of myself for. being a guy in a super toxic masculine environment, it took a shit ton of confidence to start wearing it. at school when i first posted myself wearing makeup, i remember guys making fun of me for it, which i honestly could care less abt. at some point you have to realise that you should be living for yourself and not for others- i don't even like those guys in the first place, it's not like i'm seeking their validation too. this break, i plan on start doing really pale makeup looks with bright eyeshadows, which i can't wait to start doing !!! :))
. improving my room: atm it's really minimalist and i finally have gotten enough money from working to get some stuff! i plan on also maybe putting up photos of bands, and possibly getting some plants.
. hanging out with friends: most of my friends are outside of school, and i'm so lucky to have them. they're all really cool and accepting, and we go to this really cool area in the city and meet other similar people, which is cool.
. using this site more: i just started ,and it's cool to see so many other likeminded people here! i've been emo for over a year, and i got friendproject in september last year. friendproject imo was kinda run over, it used to be a small community full of emos and scene kids- but then tiktok came and the community was kinda overwhelmed somewhat?? and the owners of the site were extremely christian too. so this site is cool. i also can't find out how to add a layout for the death of me, so i gotta get that sorted.

thank u for reading!

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aww!!1 i luv ur goals <3 u can do it


thats so cool!! good luck! :D


yesss! I hope u get everything u want done! also I wish more men wore makeup, youll get better, personality for emo style makeup, I use liquid lipstick for red eyeshadow ;*