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"chloe elizabeth price is hot asf"
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omg pls

so does anyone like life is strange before the storm? like pls im obssesed with it and ive been obssesed with it for years so if anyone could like hmu so we could talk about it and stuff pls omg i need to let it out of my system. also when i say im obssed with it, i actually mean it. like im planning on switching realities only to be rachel amber and ahve chloe price as my girlfriend like omg. i already wrote my script and everything. im also planning on working on a LIS game. ik im young and i cant do much but omg like
fuckkkk i really wanna do it bc lis is my life honestly. i just need ppls help with it. i already have some ideas that can happen in the game and i NEED to share it with someone omg pls can anyone hmu. tytyty

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