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18 years old
United States
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it's... been a while. a pretty long while.

i didn't mean to abandon this account but... life happens. whoops!

i've been in a pretty rough patch as of late. shit has been intense. but i feel i've made it through a very challenging part of my life now, and i can take a breather before heading off to college.

i still want to change my css n stuff, do a bunch of housekeeping things, etc etc. i'd like to come back. but a lot of people just see "oooh pretty page" without even caring about who i am or what i don't like... and that's not the type of place i wanna be. i deserve better than to be overlooked like that.

even if i wanted to delete this account, i don't think i can. so it's gonna be here to stay, my own little stain on the internet. yay /s

but anyways... yeah. i dunno how things are gonna be from here on out. we'll see i guess.

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Welcome back! If you want people to add you because they genuinely want to be your friend, I'd suggest adding a little message somewhere stating that, it might help a bit. A lot of people add others based on how cool the page looks, when it should be based more on interest, I was guilty of it when I first got here. Anyways, I hope life is going well for you.