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Gender Nonconforming
101 years old
United States
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About me ◎[▪‿▪]◎

hi friends! I wanted to share some things about me! if we have similar interests and you want to be friends msg me!! <33
✿ i prefer she/they pronouns but im fine with any pronouns <3 im pan(≧◡≦) no homophobes or racists aloud or else!!(►˛◄’!)

✿ some of my favorite artists are Mcr, Greenday, Avril lavigne, Jazmin bean, the living tombstone, nirvana, mother mother, cannibal corpse, and miku<3

✿ i like to watch anime :) some of my favorite animes are The future diary, deathnote, angels of death, maid sama, kamisama kiss, and danganronpa (i like the anime and the games <3) if you have any good recommendations feel free to comment them :)

✿ i would consider myself a sanrio enthusiast xp

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