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"u find as he'll i won't you"
17 years old
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I been shot callin' since I hit the lotto, ballin'
My diamonds know voodoo 504, bitch they from New Orleans
Ring, ring, money callin', I gotta go you not important
I'm smokin' TuTu and Tooka and countin' money, tourin'
My Ruger hold a thirty, you can hold a fuckin' chorus
That's 80 shots at your face, better be good at duckin' bullets
Pull up in that Lord, that's that shit them hoes adore
I pull up to the club and tell a bitch to hop aboard
Baby I'm a king, I know I am not a Lord
But I'm Almighty So' and that's that shit that I send shottas for
I'm smokin' paraphernalia with a Glock on tours
Make that bitch sing a melody, you get lots of chords


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being a rapper is probably stressful too. getting sucked into this world of fame and money. they trick them into buying stupid shit with their money and then leave them in the dirt when they aren't in their prime. labels giving checks so they can buy clothes and shoes and cars but then they go bankrupt. big bosses never care about their workers. everyone is disposable. even you and me.


how cool would it be to be a rapper. i always watch videos of rappers performing live (especially in quarantine yk concert nostalgia) and the look on their faces when everyone in the audience knows the words makes me feel warm. can you imagine how cool that feels???? to have so many people love what you create and know the words to ur creation by heart. ugh its probably such a wonderful feeling. the adrenaline they get when performing must feel like pure euphoria. just JOY. nothing else exists in that