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"Gang vokills r gr8"
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Hello dear Myspace Friend,

Little update on all things I Feel Fine...

For those of you that don't know, we're a band of four thirty(ish) somethings that make music to appeal to our inner fifteen year old whilst also being careful not to cross the line in to early mid-life crisis territory. It's a hard balancing act but ultimately I think we're ok with ourselves.

As I sit and type this I'm accompanied by the sounds of our first and so far only LP. Not a big deal for most, however the damn thing didn't exist until very recently so we're still getting a kick out of it.

So here's what we can say at the minute. The record runs somewhere around the thirty five minute mark and is currently being Mixed by the legend that is Mr Tom Hill. You might know him from the band Modern Rituals but probably not. True story, until we finished tracking Tom had a nicely groomed beard which has now been sculpted in to moustache not too dissimilar from that of our own guitar hero Nathan Tompkins. Could be a coincidence, however we think it's more likely that Tom fell in love during our time together.

I digress. Earlier this year we spent a week and a half putting the whole thing down at his studio The Bookhouse. Nice place. Very Nice place. The best sounding place.

As it stands we have a beautiful front and back cover created by a very talented man named Christian. Once all the colour has been added we think it'll make a very fetching 12". Hopefully you'll buy it but if you just end up downloading it on Limewire that's cool to. We also have a title but we'll save that for later...

Next up begins phase two. We'll no doubt be spending the next few months emailing every record label from here to Australia in the hope that one or several will decide it makes great business sense to print the thing on beautifully coloured pieces of wax.

Anyway that's where we're at for now so we'll get back to you at phase three.

Stay Weird Myspace \m/

Joe, Jack, Nathan, Antoine xo

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