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R4d1c4l 0Ld m4n's Blog

17 years old
Heard and Mc Donald Islands
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How Dare You-

-disturb me when I'm napping in my chair.
You're a crappy rap spitting apparition, I ain't scared
of this random phantom, haunt all you want, I don't care.
I do not believe in ghosts and I don't believe that hair.


Don't panic, Scrooge, but you're about to crash.
I'm J.P. Morgan, the Ghost of Rich Dudes Past.
Who's properly rocking the Monopoly mustache.
Yo, I own the railroad, I run these tracks.
You got dumped on a bench, now you're pissed at the world.
You should have made like Sebastian, and kissed the girl.
Because your greed is the curse that's gonna tear you apart.
What good is your purse if you're poor in your heart?


Bah humbug! Your raps don't unnerve me, they're atrocious
What frightens me the most is your gross ghost proboscis
Business and success, that's the life I've selected
So enough with your pictures from the past, I'm not affected


Don’t panic Scrooge,
R4d 0M

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