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i got covid

hello again guys happy new year the capitol storming was awesome.. i am not a trump supporter or Q person but it was funny as shit. any ways I got covid or at least my family did and I'm just also sick unrelatedly. my parents tested positive but I tested negative the first time, took another test yesterday just to make sure and we haven't got those yet but I really do think I have it, I've been feeling like shit since new years but not as sick as my parents which is weird. so maybe I don't, idk. but yeah I'm just chilling kind of depressed but its ok. thinking of trying to take the CHSPE to get my diploma equivalent so I can get out of school. sux. prob gonna become a fisher with my dad. swag career. honest work... and also just seems like one of those jobs your cool functional alchoholic uncle that sneaks you cigarettes when your mom isn't there would have. that's all i aspire to be... not successfullll or rich... (i mean... maybe ) but happy and likeable.. yup! so hows your guyses day.

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Stay safe


ow i hope you get better. Friend