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"we r the waiting "
15 years old
United Kingdom
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ab me :00

hii! im ella and im from england (yeah we have shitty weather lol xp) i love all kinds of music and ill listen to anything!! my fav genre at da moment is 2000s pop punk, ive had an obsession wiv green day 4eva!! i ADORE 90s grunge bands like nirvana, mudhoney,silverchair, hole and alice in chains but i also like trad goth 80s bands like da birthday party,the cure,christian death and siouxsie and the banshees!! i like to think im a mall goff but m style is always changing too!! my style is a mix of mall goth and grunge, i like too keep my style casual but also eyecatching also the 2000s scene and emo vibez too :)) if u wanna b fwends jus comment on dis blog or send me a message!! i luv meeting new people and music recommendations would b appreciated!!


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