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13 years old
United States
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list of alters in this hellhole.

--> hey! welcome back to another blog made by me. ozzy. the host, if you will
--> i was thinking, if we could share everyones pronouns (in the system i mean) and just add on when someone new forms

me(ozzy), it/voi/he/pup
owen, he/him
squigly, they/she
unknown, it/its
jeremy, he/him
andrew, he/they
schlatt, he/him
tommy, he/swag
amira, she/her
techno, she/blade/⚔️
angel, he/she/🍑
bunny, it/they/rot
bad, he/muffin
peacock, she/it
miku, she/her
ghostbur, he/blue/mel
tubbo, he/they
rogers, he/him
ranboo, he/they/it/ender/ze
philza, he/him
wilbur, he/glitch
yakko, he/him?
ena, they/she/buzz
caddy, he/him?

--> thats all of us so far!!

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