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18 years old
United States
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field = {["CLASS"] = "Personal",
["SUBCLASS"] = nil,
["FILENAME_OPTIONAL"] = "indecisive",
["STAMP"] = 1604212903}
author = "moonboy"

longData = "

you are so pretty
i know it's a little soon but so be it, you seem really nice and sweet compared to the other ones
i wish we could fast forward, but obviously we can't
why fast forward when we can spend this time anyway?
i know it's a little soon but you post it and i feel like it's about me and it makes me smile
you are so much nicer
i know it's just my mood swings talking but i know this is gonna end terrible for me
i'm not gonna sit around and pretend i don't feel this way. even if it's too soon. because i do, and it's rare.
when we hang out i think to myself about how i wouldn't have any problem with sobriety as long as i'm with you
sorry i'm like this, but i guess i'm just a playlist boy at heart


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we have been dating happily for over 4 months <3