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"hi x3"
14 years old
United States
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fav things!

music: mcr, ptv, radiohead, slipknot, the smiths, la dispute, bmth, frank iero, leather mouth, evanescence, twenty one pilots, amy winehouse, lana del rey, nirvana, alice in chains, mitski, rage against the machine, paramore, hayley williams, deftones, tyler the creator, eminem, artic monkeys, melanie martinez, queen, the front bottoms, sunny day real estate, kanye west, faetooth, pink floyd

tv shows: icarly, asoue, skins uk, clone high, DARIAAAAA!!!!, death note, your lie in april, sponge bob, goosebumps, the haunting hour, the umbrella academy, stranger things, bojack horseman

movies: the perks of being a wall flower!, the titanic, every tinkerbell movie, princess and the frog, tangled, any old barbie movie, the craft, the nun (original)

books: the perks of being a wall flower, of mice and men, a series of unfortunate events, animal farm, anna karenina, the handmaids tale, the song of achllies

other: beanie babys!, anything from the 90's honestly, typewriters, art, vinyl records, MINECRAFTTTTTT, i write poetry!, horror movies!!! or just scary/disturbing shit in general, omgg video essays!

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clone high is amazing BUT THE TINKERBELL MOVIES SLAP