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"I'm in love with you btw"
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Don't be shyy~

Hey yall!
I just wanted to make a quick blog post here! Very few people actually reach out to me and talk to me; which is fine, but I thought the purpose was to come here and make friends.
So,, if you're nervous about reaching out to me, please don't be! It makes me super happy to see messages, so you have nothing to worry about~


((Plus I have like 2 friends so))

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Yeah,, that's probably why. I still can't believe how rapidly this website has grown in the past month.
I actually get pretty happy from seeing people interact/message me, so I try to do that for others, too!
And seeing all the new people on here, and all the new aesthetics they bring to the table is also really cool,,


i feel like the growth in "population" here maybe contributed to the lack of interaction

i guess since theres so many more ppl now there are more outliers that experience less interaction due to oversaturation of blogposts, messages etc. i try to interact with as many ppl tho, i rly enjoy seeing the different types of ppl that pass thru this place ◕ᴗ◕