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"You didn't find a Lasagna, so sad ;("
18 years old
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News in my life (?)

Hello beautiful people!! How are you doing?? I really wanna know so if you want you can answer in the coments uwu

I signed up for the writing world cup. I wasn't sure at first, but it took literally 2 minutes to convince me haha ​​... me and my impulses :)
It lasts two weeks in which I have to write 3000 characters per day, which would be less than 11 twits. but hey, it's in teams and they are going to give us topics, I can handle that. I was afraid of having to be consistent, but knowing that the team's score depends on everyone participating encourages me not to fail.

In other news, I found a job offer where I'm 100% qualify, and only 6% of applicants do. I hope they read my CV, anyway I am thinking of taking it in person but I am not sure that they will receive it at the stores (it is an ice cream franchise). Send good vibes u.u πŸ’•

I almost finish Please Like Me but I'm watching it little by little so that it lasts because i'm NOT READY TO SEE THE FINAL EPISODE AGAIN ;(

I find this band, No Buses, I made these lists to make my friends listen to them with no excuses >:) These have the songs that I liked as soon as I heard them, but all their songs are good. I listened all of them straight while i was sewing (coz i'm an old lady) and didn't skip even one. In the comments I read that they are like a japanese version of The Strokes, or like Radiohead but they don't make you want to die lol. Their videos are really cool and i love it when the singer makes his cute dance, he reminds me of me looooool. Also THEY HAVE A FEMALE BASSIST.

YT: https://www.youtube.c om/playlist?list=PLdW7M9945gYGzbcShNnPd8hBs3TXzG_4l

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3k6G33E3AuZiHE2coadeql?si=D53ifAy8SH2DAQPQXevKSw

And last but not least, listen to Smalltown Rummors, the @awkward.violence band They are very cool and they sound good uwu i loved the portrait picture and the singer's voice. The instrumental sounds armonious and clean, i'm sure they worked hard on it uwu
Here is their last song, Video Vampire: https://youtu.be/FjnhtAPDF0Q

I hope everybody have a nice weekend and send you lots of love πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– see youuu πŸƒ

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Gracias corazoon ✨ escuche la canción, y si se parecen un poco uwu estÑ piola. Y lo del pelo, totalmente. estoy enamorada de cuatro beibis ahre-> los no biuses


suerte en la competencia ><!!! habia escuchado pretty old man de no buses hace un tiempo y estuvo bueno ** el pelo de todos se ve muy copado, me hizo acordar un poco a tokyo police club, la cancion bambi :D


Gracias uwu todavia no vieron el curriculum ;( asi que probablemente esta semana imprima y deje tambien en mas lugares. Podes seguirme en spotify, aunque no suelo hacer mucho mÑs que escuchar por ahi xdxd gracias ✨✨


hellouuuuu!! im good <3 i hope you get the job and win the writing world cup! te puedo seguir en spotify?


Thank youuu πŸ’– Yeees do it uwu if you listen to them tell meeee uuwwueuwueueuw <3


Good luck on the writing world cup !! I believe in you <3 hope you have a great weekend too =] I love Radiohead, may have to check out No Buses !