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"munching on ur mums nuts"
13 years old
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4b0ut me

Name: atlas/finn
Age: nope
Birthday: september 25th
Eye Color: green
Hair Color: black but it changes very often
Favourite Colour: green + red
Subculture: emo
Right or Left Handed: right
Single?: nope! i have a partner called rain :D
Pepsi or Coke: coke
MCDonalds or Burger King?: mcdonalds, also never been to buger king because i live in australia
How many pairs of shoes do you own?: like 4, but both of the other ones are schools shoes :/ i only wear my vans and my docs
How many pairs of funky socks do you own?: 6
Do you smoke?: no
Have you ever stolen from a friend?: yeah, one time when i was like 9 i stolen 40 bucks from my friends wallet at a party
Do you do drugs?: nope
Do you drink?: only piss
Do you shower daily?: sometimes i forget but i try to
Chocolate or Vanilla?: chocolate
Do you want to get married?: fuck yes i cant wait to fall in love
Do you want to have kids?: fuck no, i hate kids
Future Job: id love to be an artist, specifically sculpting; music?? i want to learn bass; film making
Favorite Sport: i play roller derby, its fucking sick
Do you get sea sick?: i was once when i was 4 but i havent since then
Do you believe in yourself?: its hard somedays but i try
Do you think your attractive?: yes im either hot as shit or steaming garbage
Do you like thunderstorms?: i fucking love thunderstorms
Do you play an instrument?: nope but i wanna learn bass
Are you a health freak?: dude yesterday i had three monsters in a row
Are you scared of the dark?: yea i sleep with my leds on
Do you get along with your parents?: umm, it depends on the day and what mood they're in
Sibblings?: 2 younger :/
Pets?: i have a cat named tiger and a dog named liam
Number of Tattoos: 0
Number of piercings: 6
Number of Cds I own: 20ish?
Style: gay
Fruit or Vegetable: fruity
Short or Long Hair: short but im trying to get revenge gerard length
Best Friend: my bestie rain, who is also my s/o
Coolest Friend : i only have one
Prettiest Friend: rain is godly
Weirdest Friend: hmmm this is a tough one i have so manny i think id have to say rain
What would you like to get pierced?: i want a septum the most but i also want two nose piercings either side, a bridge, an industrial, and an eyebrow
Have you ever stolen from a store?: yes, money was a shit invention
Have you ever been kicked out of a store?: nope
Have you ever cheated on your partner?: no, i think its so dumb to get into a relationship if you arent going to be loyal, like just break up???
Have you ever turned down a dare?: yea of course
Have you ever kissed someone on the lips?: yes
Own a stuffed animal?: 10, and i want more
Number of past things your regret: to many to count

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hi! if u want to follow me or talk to me here are all my social media usernames :D
instagram: @t33th.eater
tiktok: @t33th.eater
spotify: atlas :)

  • 4tl4s :D
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h4ppy h4ll0ween m0nth!!

1ts 0ff1c4lly sp00ky se4s0n, s0 y0u kn0w wh4t th4t me4ns... t1me t0 w4tch c0r4l1ne and c0rse br1de rel1g10usly - 4tl4s :D

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i stayed up a11 night editing my p4ge 4nd it sti11 l00ks like tr4sh =( if s0me0ne cou1d give me css tips that would be gre4t :D - 4t14s

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