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16 years old
United States
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lol hello! (intro i guess?)

hi! its been a long few months that i've had this page and ive never posted anything besides my shitty css [also everyone saying they like it honestly makes my heart burst, ily all :")] but with 131 friends, i thought i might as well tell you guys more about me. here it goes lmao!
So to start it off, i'm bi and a capricorn if that even matters haha! i love music! i used to be in choir but ive slowly strayed awayfrom it, but listening to music is a big hobby. top five musicians that i hold dear? Fall out boy, jack stuaber (ofc lmao) arctic monkeys, rex orange county and lemon demon. its so hard to pick just five, but those are the ones ive liked for 3+ years so they hold a big place it my heart :")
uhh more hobbies! i love art, photography, baking, anything creative honestly..not the biggest athlete lmao. i might post some photography some other time if anyone wants, its pretty basic right now, but im getting a big boy camera soon >:)
I love memes, minecraft (and minecraft youtubers! any jschlatt fans?) n lizards a lot! i really want a bearded dragon because theyre just very cute :")
uhh im not good at intros sooo i think im going to leave it here!! ask me questions if you want! ill answer them if anyone wants that haha. if youve read this far, ily n will kiss ur face consensually >:) thanks bye!

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he really did but love him for that. :')


jshlatt died of a heart attack but we still like him lmfao