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"blm and acab//guido likers dni/j"
101 years old
United States
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Merc rap song

Where the hell am i at?
Where the hell ember?
He better get barbed wire
Gorilla glue -- with velcro straps --
If he thinks he will catch me with elbow pads
What are these machines? ciphers? telegraphs?
Why that dude have a treasure map?
Who is that with the metal cap?
Is it a trap?
Nope, her booty's jello got smacked!
Oh well, i'm all for there
This is nothing
I've seen warfare
I'll save her
Kite him until he gasps for more air
Compared to him that's a small chair ugh damn
Seems like i'm in an ordeal
Does he think he can catch me? is he for real?
But i'm hungry for bloodshed like
I'm starving so after him
I want more meals! FOR REAL!
They call me the merc
I'm all for the work
If i fall it won't hurt
I stall to divert his attention
While others escape
If he gets me down ill crawl in the dirt

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