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"im kinda in love with you no pressure or anything"
Gender Nonconforming
15 years old
United States
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i feel like i should post something about myself or like?? fun facts idk!!!
so ill start with an introduction sdfkjh
im sam, im 15, and i go to an arts hs for vocal arts.
uhm i think im p cool to be around!!! im just too much swag </3

but yeah fun fact time
-i got banned from a wendys as a kid
-im pretty short so people often mistake me for a kid
-i drew my current pfp :) the one ur seeing rn as im posting this is my art!! itll prolly change eventually though :)
-ive been a mother mother stan since 7TH GRADE. yeah u heard me, 2017 was rough bro
-i also say bro alot?? but yeah if that bothers u lmk!!!
-i was in the gifted program </3

mhm but yeah uh if u wanna be friends just message me and maybe put some other form of communication other than here since there are so few message slots dksjf and yeah!!!
thanks for reading :)

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