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some other music

started an experimental little thing today. essentially making albums as i make the music. have fun https://mathrus.bandcamp.com/releases

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Dreams Of Stabbing And/Or Being Stabbed

share yr favorite MCR lyrics with me. do it.

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New Song

I have another bandcamp I never linked on my main page, because I like it to seem more mysterious. https://nulltapes.bandcamp.com/track/a2

dark ambient vibes. weird and mysterious. hope you like it. if you do you can expect a full album soon :)

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Rumination on First Fictional Crush

i realized earlier today that the first ever fictional character i ever had a crush on was Fifi La Fume from Tiny Toons Adventures, when i was like, 7 maybe? possibly 8? i don't really have a good grasp on time. i didn't even really watch Tiny Toons Adventures as a kid because that was like, 10 years too early for me, but i guess i watched it enough for that to happen. weird. no wonder i'm a furry.

as an aside, what was your first fictional crush?


I'm back on my Touhou shit

Like two years ago I got really into Touhou but during like mid-2019 I started falling out of the fandom abit. Obviously I never 100% left (there is a gif of Reimu on my profile, after all) but it wasn't a big thing to me anymore.

Then abit ago I started thinking about Reimu x Marisa again and I fell right back into the Touhou pit. Oooooooops.

I've got like, two touhou RP twitters now. Shits wacky.


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Anyone remember Ruby Gloom?

everyone once in awhile i'll just bring up Ruby gloom in like, a discord server or on my twitter and i'll have like half a dozen people just suddenly remember that it was a show each time. its a very fun thing imo. on a side note, does anyone remember that one episode about a bunch of Misery's family members coming over for a reunion? one of them was named Morose and she was green and her voice was sexy AF but her voice actress is not credited anywhere. not in the episode, not on imdb, not on the ruby gloom wiki (which exists, apparently). i really wish i knew who voiced her.

last note: the theme song is fuckin killer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlG6dm_Pebk

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New Song

Decided to switch from Honey, This Mirror to Headfirst For Halos because i've been feeling that song lately.

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I really wish I had the energy/will to learn CSS so i could make my profile dope AF. Shoebox's style of profile is my kind of like, goal I guess. Thats a really good profile thats also not entirely eye-searing to look at. too bad I'm lazy as shit lol

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The Early/Mid 2000s Are Back

This is dope. Corporate Internet has basically stripped all personalization from individual user profiles so the revival of classic myspace really could not have come at a better time. Wish I knew about it earlier.

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