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Crunchyrolls new Design is kinda bad

First things first I will say the new design did take one step in the right direction with dark mode, but still overall its worse than the original design. My issue with the site has to do with the scaling on it, the site is just a bit too big. I understand they were trying to make the site more responsive and mobile friendly, but when I am on desktop I want a desktop site not a mobile design. The other big issue is the more horizontal approach when it comes to displaying anime and episodes, before it was mostly vertical where you would scroll down now its more like vrv which makes it more annoying to find shows. My final problem has got to be how god awful the player is. The player in crunchyroll was already bad but now its even worse, and the fact that the site is so damn big like it has some accessibility setting on makes it annoying trying to have the player in windowed mode. So overall the new design is worse compared to the old design in my opinion, and its just so lazy. Nothing has really improved its just easier for grandmas to read. Only good thing was the dark mode in my opinion. Tbh the new beta site was unnecessary it just sounds like crunchyroll is too lazy to fix their old site design and make it better for mobile. The old site is perfectly fine in terms of looks its just a bit broken.

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