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"the danny worsnop of real screamo"
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Tigers Jaw +

I caught Tigers Jaw on their tour with The Menzingers but I didn't catch any of the other bands.

  • Second time in playing Minneapolis, 3rd time in Minnesota

  • Surprisingly small crowd. I thought between Spin and Wicca Phase Springs Etenral they would have a bigger fan base.

  • Amazing live, didn't miss Adam's vocals at all.

  • They didn't play "I Saw Water" :(

Also saw the Ghostemane / Lil Tracy / Harms Way tour:

  • Harms Way is good as always

  • HW had a super weak pit that got way too big cause it scared the eboys

  • Lil Tracy was meh

  • I think this was LT's first time in MN

  • It was Lil Peep's birthday so he played a lot of his Peep collabs. I'm not sure if that's his normal set but it was a bit much imo

  • LOTS of lip syncing. Disappointing after seeing how great Horsehead & Coldhart are live. I'd say 1/2-3/4ths of it was backtracked. My friend said it was like 90%.

  • LT had very little stage presence

  • LT played Pictures without a backtrack which was my personal highlight

  • I don't get Ghostemane. People seemed to like him. Carbomb was played with a live band. Sick.

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A Day to Remember

  • Saw I Prevail at Surly before the show. Tempted to talk to the dude in the Jane Doe hoodie about the Swift cover

  • Can't Swim was mixed poorly but played great, even the tracks I hate. I imagine they did well on their Enter Shikari tour.

  • Beartooth was fine, about what you expected. Lame that Caleb went from spin kick scenecore to push mosh scenecore

  • A Day To Remember was great. Wish more old stuff was played. Degenerates sucks. My body hurts from their pit

  • All the band merch sucked

  • I was the only one in myspace drip. Lame

  • Helped someone that collapsed on the sidewalk. Got them an ambulance hopefully they are okay

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I'm seeing A Day To

seeing ADTR, Beartooth & Can't Swim in Minneapolis tomorrow. I plan on tracking down Caleb Shomo and demanding him to re-unite Attack Attack! Maybe I'll complain to an 18 year old that ADTR should 100% play 1958 at every show. It'll be fun

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