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Tee Hee

Ok so I know that I haven't finished this page yet but I just wanna get something out that Im afraid to tell my friends yet.

🌟🌟Trigger Warning//Intrusive thoughts//🌟🌟
Ive had horrible intrusive thoughts. When I was questioning my sexuality I used to get intrusive thoughts about my cousin (who I am very close to and love like a sister) to kiss her or have sex with her when she was sleeping. I fucking hate it. I hate it so much. I hate having though horrible thoughts about people I love. Ive had Intrusive thoughts about my close friends in the same vain. Thoughts like those I hate more than the ones that tell me 'im worthless' and 'there is no point to living anymore'. I hate suffering like this alone. Of course now that im older these sexual thoughts about my family have calmed but it still happens.

Anyways that's it really.
Stay safe everyone

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Thanks. Most people don't get that you can't control those thoughts. Or at least not on your own. I would never act on them though.


i dont like this but i understand :(