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"Fucking stereotypes feeding their heads I am"
14 years old
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my flesh

heres a bit of some poetry i wrote <3 fun times

Feeling like an anomaly
A black thing in a sea of green
But I'm not blinded by the water
I can still see this isn't me

The stumpy legs
Long dry hair
Flesh that doesn't belng to me

And nobody notices
Nobody cares
"My daughter [redacted] is such a beautiful girl."
I won't call you by that
And suddenly I'm still a girl

The legs taller than me
Short fluff of hair
Flesh that should belong to me
Yet doesn't belong to me

Scoop my eyes out, make me blind
My pudgy lips take as you desire
The scars on my skin I have required
To pretend they don't exist

I can't love anyone
Because I don't know how
Just hold me, please
I'm just a flower

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