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"let it be"
15 years old
Russian Federation
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You are "free"?

Are you free? And mentally? At least here you feel like a bird in the sky? Yes, you can express yourself on your page as you want using CSS code, showing yourself as a creative person. And in communication? How many times have I met people who write on the page "social anxiety, shy, awkward, don't letter first". And if you are interested, what would you write first? Maybe you are smart, beautiful, funny, and so on? Do you tell stories from your life in blogs, have you come up with something or done something(I have only seen a count of friends in some blogs)? By locking yourself in a cage of huge modesty and awkwardness, you can remain a mattress waiting for a letter from someone by playing Genshin Impact.I would still tell you what doesn't make you interesting, but I'm afraid of misunderstandings and I want to save my face for now

P.S Only once did I meet the person who wrote first.He wanted to know how tourists live in my country, and so on.

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