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"🕯All Teeth no Hope🕯"
19 years old
United States
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Get to know me.

Hello, I am silkwerm

I am quite the reserved werm, so I made this page in hopes of meeting some others with similar interests.
I'm a 19 year old girl from upstate New York, which I love. I'm currently an art student, and plan to double major in art history as well when I move on to a different university. I'm a very nature oriented person, and I tend to treat all year long like it is autumn.

I'm an oil painter. Most of my work deals with the human form, which I use to explore a variety of personal and sometimes macabre themes. I admire far too many visual artists to list all of them, but a few that inspire me include : Francis Bacon, Egon Schiele, Andrew Wyeth, Jenny Saville, Sophie Jodoin, Dragan Bibin, and John William Waterhouse.

I also am extremely passionate about music, and would love to talk to people with similar tastes. Some of my favorite bands include: Giles Corey, Have a Nice Life, Mount Eerie, The Antlers, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Silver Mt. Zion, Afterlives, Crywank, The Smiths, Teen Suicide, Brand New, and The Front Bottoms.

Some other random things about me: I love a lot of horror media - I'm a big fan of Silent Hill (The second one in particular). My favorite book is House of Leaves. I was raised on Edward Gorey's children's books, which heavily informed both my art style and sense of humor. My favorite movie is The Lighthouse, but is closely followed by Fantastic Mr.Fox. I'm a vegetarian and a devout leftist.

If you find that we have anything in common, or would just like someone to talk to, feel free to add me. I'm always looking to discover and share new music, art and literature. I also just enjoy the company of kind people.

Thanks for stopping by ♡

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