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"❤︎ Welcome to my humble cabin! ❤︎"
20 years old
United States
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✦Get To Know Me!✦

Howdy! ★~

My name is Kyra! I'm 20, from upstate NY and am currently studying to be a psychotherapist!
Woodsy, autumn themes are my go-to. I like feeling in touch with nature. My favorite animals are Herons, Weasels and Wolves.
I've been told I have a mom-like personality, and called an old soul too many times to count. I like to be a comfort in people's lives, and I try to have a warm, cozy disposition.❤︎

My favorite bands are: Coheed and Cambria, The Dear Hunter, The Fall of Troy, Rush, CHON, Death Grips, Hail The Sun, I The Mighty, Between The Buried & Me, Mastodon, King Gizzard, Modern Baseball, American Football, The Mars Volta, This Town Needs Guns, 100 Gecs, Lapfox, MeWithoutYou, The Front Bottoms, Machin3gir1, Fall Out Boy, and even some vocaloid stuff! I like anything besides pop-county, really! I collect vinyl pretty casually, but I've got some unique finds.

I really like movies, too! Some of my favorites are Hereditary, Donnie Darko, Eraserhead, old Godzilla movies, Fantastic Mr.Fox and Alien! I'm also pretty fond of ARG's, new and old. If you couldn't tell, I like darker themes in media, but I'm pretty soft irl =ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ=

I'm actually a furry, and an artist! Here's my stuffs! My fursona is a weasel!
I'm bisexual, and have an amazing, smart, adorable kitty-angel of a boyfriend, Jax!
My favorite food is sesame chicken! I also really like Pokemon and Skyrim, but I play a lot of games!
Also, a punk and a leftist. ACAB, obviously. Proudly anti-fascist.
I struggle with anxiety at times, and can get overstimulated.
I've been trying to get back into reading, so please recommend literature of any kind. My favorite novel is House of Leaves, but I have a soft spot for Junji Ito's works, the Scott Pilgrim series and any kind of interesting non-fiction that'll keep me up at night.

I'm always open to chat, I love making new friends! I don't bite.
HMU anytime, especially if we have anything in common.
Thanks for reading!!! (。•́w•̀。)

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A book that I highly recommend is: Battles in the desert by José Emilio Pacheco, it is a Mexican novel and tells the story of a boy named Carlos in the sociopolitical context of Mexico after World War II, this book is very short but if they entertain a lot besides that you learn a little about the experiences in Mexico