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"yo im just straight vibin'"
19 years old
United States
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daily dairy 9/11/2020

day 10:
i just realized the blog thing says 9/10 i hope i cant only do 10 blogs or else these daily blogs will be useless
honey mustard is delicious
im rly glad it friday again


daily dairy 9/10/2020

day 9: today was great
had a really good lunch with chicken veggies and rice
scott pilgrim vs the world the game finally got a rerelease after 6 goddamn years of not existing.
been feeling a lot more chill about life B)

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daily dairy 9/8/2020

day 8:
today was a bit better
more news has come out about the whole venture bros being cancelled crap seems like there will be one more season which is great
finished my speech exam today got a 73 which is pretty okay ill take it
been thinking about my diet and how much grease ive been putting into it there isnt much veggie options on campus except for the dining halls

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daily diary 9/7/2020

day 7:
today sucked the dining hall near me was closed for today so i had to walk a long distance to get any food
heavy ass rain hit while i was walking outside
and the biggest worst news venture bros was revealed to be cancelled so no new season to go off of the season 7 finale fml.

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daily dairy 9/6/2020

day 6:
my dad came over to visit me we got some popeyes and it was great
im slowly completing all the exams i have due by the 8th
i wish days could go faster tbh sometimes when it gets like 11am the days take forever

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daily dairy 9/5/2020

day 5:
haha whoops missed yesterday might as well make one for both days
laughed my ass off with my friends yesterday when we were talking about 36 kars on mars and watching who killed captain alex
been getting rly low grades on my speech exams thankfully they arent the biggest grades that would be the speeches themselves
dear future me: remind me to do my laundry

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daily dairy 9/3/2020

day 4:
bit of a late one laptop didnt like me today and decided to just freeze at random times forcing me to reset
got a new villager in acnh it was stella and i love her shes a cute sheep
roommate left for the weekend so im just chilling by myself
i should probably put my gamer info like my switch id

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daily dairy 9/2/2020

day 3:
had some meat lovers pizza for lunch w/ some lemonade
did one of my speech exams and got a 50 lol oh well
about to do some group work for philosophy
feeling chill rn.

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daily dairy 9/1/2020

day 2:
woot new month, time to collect my monthly ranked rewards for hearthstone.
got news of me missing my lab last week, cant do shit about it so i just gotta take that L.
finally got ideas of topics for my informed speech for my speech class, thinking of either talking about nujabes or cherynobl.
do you remember? 1st day of september?

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daily dairy 8/31/2020

day 1:
watching some homestar runner pretty cool i like sbemails and halloween cartoons
i got some moon pies and kettle corn from family dolor to eat later
though i wish i could something about the lab thing, i was an hour later so im fucked haha

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