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i pierced my lip.. again!

i’ve had my snake bite piercing for over a year when i decided to re-pierce it. there were multiple reasons for that and i’ll tell you about them :)

  • the positioning.
    the positioning of my piercings didn’t allow me to wear rings or basically any other jewelry besides the labret bars, which got a bit annoying in the end. when re-piercing them, the piercer measured the positioning according to the size of the ring so i could change it when it healed.
  • comfort.
    my piercings were very low before, to the point when if i wore a mask (which i have to because quarantine) they would get pushed into my teeth and gums and scratch them. the new ones are not that higher but they actually don’t touch the bottom teeth, even when i wear a mask :)
  • the dentist
    last week i had multiple dentists appointments, and obviously was asked to take off my jewelry. since i had the appointments almost every day there was no point in putting the jewelry back on every time, so after a week of not wearing it the holes closed completely on the inner side. putting them on after that would be impossible so if i wanted to wear them i would have to pierce them again anyways.
    anyways, now i have to wait until the swelling goes down or it heals completely to change the jewelry but i’m very happy that i finally got them done better !!!
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