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"if you get killed you die 😳"
9 years old
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uhh yeah <3

hiiii so if you clicked here you wanna know a bit more about me,
thats kinda cringe :o

i go by she/her
moth :3

bands/artists i like: arctic monkeys,gorrilaz,mother mother,slipknot,corpse,afourteen,riria,kero kero bonito,marylin manson,the cure,beach bunny :D

things i like:
anime,sanrio,bts,lingustics,webtoon and music :)))

things that are stinky:

Im a mess basically that only feels better when listening to music, talking to friends or cosplaying
Im a mall goth <3
My favourite animals are bats

if i think of anything else i'll add but thats all for now:DD

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(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Anime

  1. Any studio ghibli film they're all amazing.

  2. HxH is pretty long but i enjoyed it!

  3. Kakeguri I love kakeguri, it's such an interesting concept!

  4. Haikyuu! It's a volleyball anime and the fandom is amazing

  5. Your name or kimi no na wa, is another anime film that made me cri so hard.

  6. A silent voice, Another anime film that made me cri like a baby.

  7. Assassination classroom or ass class, loved the characters, the plot, the character development

  8. The promised neverland, i really liked this. It is a bit of a horror tho, you have been warned!

  9. Toilet bound hanko-kun, i fell in love with the characters they're so cool! The art style is amazing.

  10. The disastrous life of saiki k! It's a really good comedy and saiki is a whole mood.

  11. Anohana, made me cri like an even bigger baby.

  12. Kiss him not me! one of my fav shoujo animes, really funny

  13. Ouran high school host club. Again a very rad shoujo anime

  14. Yuri on ice. It's such a classic, you definitley need to watch it!

  15. Miss kobayashi the dragons maid! Another intresting concept that i enjoyed (comedy)


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