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idk, its about me tho :/

I like the thought that people trust me with their problems because they come to me for advice or when they want someone to vent to but lately it's becoming hard for me. I can't tell other people my problems bc I simply don't know who to trust (its a "me" problem I know) and I'm the kind of person who lets other first before myself. I'll drop my problems to help you out. I will make time for you if you need it, and when it comes to me, I can't express myself to others simply because I don't want to be a burden or add my problems to their life. I like being THAT one person you trust enough to tell all your secrets with but it's becoming really hard when you have your own problems and you want to be there for them because it makes you feel uneasy if you don't let them vent to you.

I don't like opening up to people also because I feel like they will just continue to talk to me because they pity me. ahaha I'm fine tho lol.

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