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"we can stay young 4ever"
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ahhhh writer's block

everyone and their mother has heard of Interview with the Vampire and Dracula and Twilight but like...where's all the books about emo vampires???

i wanna do a book about vampires in the modern age, like vampires that were all about myspace and MCR and sidekicks and AIM but like...how do i do that in a way that isn't forced?

all the ideas i've come up with just seem like ripoffs of Jennifer's Body (best movie btw). like how iconic would it be to have a book about two vampire girls who are culturally stuck in the late 2000s?

i already have a fantasy novel and a series of southern gothic short stories that are sitting in Google Docs purgatory, i need to get back into writing ASAP.

while we're on the subject i miss READING. but my ADD and constant need for new stimuli won't let me read lmaoooo

rip my creativity

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oOf can relate. i miss writing