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"Sup friend me cause I’m lonely as frick."
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I have weird voices for all my friends

This is not meant to make fun of everybody. They are all good people.
Anyways disclaimer over.
Shoebox: Annoyed Irish/Jacksepticeye
Karkitty: Depressed edgelord who doesn’t care
Zhuchara: Gentle anime
RedKyoin: OVA Kakyoin
Tavros Nitra: OVA Polnareff
Cyber Slash: Echoey MKX Reptile
Dreammints:Straight up lapis
Soup can: Idubbbz
Jaden Desmond: The guy who sand the Boondocks opening
Kuromi:Edgy Hello Kitty
Aya: Sad anime girl in a serious episode
CaligulasArmageddons: Yugioh player who pushes up his glasses at a tournament
W0rm13: Smol Bean
Matt:Samuel l Jackson
Unknown Fox: You go to boop the nose but then he starts speaking in demonic tongues and ur just like WTF
FlaccidTeeth: Guy on every drug at one and he’s completely stoned
BetelGeuse: Belgrade Alucard
Tweek: Straight up Mineta. If u click on his prof and look at his pfp you’ll understand why I call him grape boi
Me: Slightly more feminine mix of JoJo HDAC Dio and Okiayu Alucard

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do i have 1