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"live ur liffe how u want, were all gona die soon"
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good books you should read

three truths and a lie by brent hartinger

plot kinda: four friends go into the woods for a retreat only for it to go terribly wrong.

honestly just a great book lots of twists you would never see coming. also has lgbt characters that arent super stereotipical.

doll bones by holly black

plot kinda: three friends try to return a "cursed doll" thinking they will be cursed forever if they don't.

not really sure why i like this book so much but it just gives me good vibes.

a+e 4ever by ilike merey

plot kinda: ash machnik has a androgynous face causing him to be bullied. he befriends eulalie mason who wonders if he will ever see all of her.

the art in this book is imaculate. the story kind of feels a bit messy but is still a great graphic novel. [btw this book may be triggering to some people due to its mature content and sensative topics]

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