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"a sky so black"
23 years old
United States
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new band ! ! !

started a band called ASkySoBlack

i'm playing guitar and doing vocals on it

follow us on instagram/twitter: @ASkySoBlack

listen 2 a song we put out on the wretched records sampler <333


tell me what u think <3

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band broke up :(

binary broke up :/
starting a new band called I Killed The Sun and also playing guitar in Buried But Still Breathing

life goes on i guess

learned a lot from this

time to put it to work

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finished recording, i think my voice sounds like Zao, As I Lay Dying, and The Devil Wears Prada on the new shit, hopefully it's not too cringe lmao

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finally recording!

the warehouse we record in doesn't care about social restrictions (like i knew they didn't) but yeah we're done with most of it i just have to do vocals and we gotta put other layers of guitar on there, kinda nervous to do some vocals cause i've never really done "fast" shit before, like i'm not attilla fast cause i don't want to be but i'm afraid it's gonna sound stupid, oh well

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i feel like i can only do cool shit with the help of other people, quarantine fucking sucks i just want to record this ep and split and move on to other material, so fucking over it, everyone hurry up and die with this virus already so we can move on

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hi !

soooo ya i play in a band called BINARY and we're from philadelphia and that's p much it, we're recording soon and i'm excited for new songs to be out cause the old lineup of the band wasn't good but now we actually r lol, 5 new songs! goood metalcore stuff, ok bye

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