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"the soft kind"
9 years old
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I recently made the full plunge of permanently deleting my instagram,twitter,etc. and honestly it was so freeing but also kinda disconnecting. Some things keep me out of the loop bc of that like memes or recent events but thats ok. With social media (mainstream that is. with myspace i just feel like that doesnt count lol) i felt like i was in constant competition with every1 i knew. i felt like i was being looked at 24/7 and judged based on what i looked like, what i enjoyed, etc. It was so scary and anxiety-inducing. Idk this sounds so pretentious but its just how i feel,,,,does any1 else get that feeling too or do i just have some unresolved tension lol

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I went through the same thing :) social media has been proven in tons of studies to be a toll on your mental health, and as soon as i stopped using it i had way less anxiety and stressful thoughts! I've found myspace to be a great way to connect with new people and express ideas/art :D this rainbow text is rly cool lol


yes it is bad follow lots of people//////.and twitter is realy bad so i never used it . Myspace is much better