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"Lifes short wear a miniskirt"
16 years old
United States
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Me Bitch💅 lets be friends <3

i dont rlly like crowded bios so i thought id do a little about me here so we can maybe be friends if we have some stuff in common?

So uh hi! :) heres just some stuff about me :)

my name’s Alyssa <3
im sixteen and a junior in hs :/
im obsessed with the colour pink<3<3
i have a softcore aesthetic
i have a vv vv vv loving grunge gf whom i adore<3
my all time favourite movie is clueless
my top second favourite movie is tell it to the bees
my favourite show is one day at a time
i rlly like bees, all things 2000s, thrifting, minecraft, sims, adventure time, baking, true crime, and hyperpop
also acab

my insta is yung.terror
my snap is emoryy666
if u prefer text and want my number just msg me first i will legit not care and give it to u i just don’t want creeps to have my number

anyway i hope we can become friends pls i tis lonely xoxo

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