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"h4y! h1t m3 up ^-^ unl4ss ur a b1g0t >:("
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Valentines day

It's February 14, 2012...wait

I mean- fuck,

It's February 14, 2021, and that means it's Valentines day

fuck that shit, honestly, it's a solid aesthetic and the chocolates are nice, I'm giving a friend platonic gifts so that's cool but tbh I'd rather just hear ab gerard way's piss kink

I have french fries and get scared, i dont think I want anything more than that.

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Kin list

I see a ton of my fwiends doing kin lists so I figured I'd do one as well

  • Steven Hyde | That 70s Show
  • Nico di Angelo | Riordanverse
  • L | Deathnote
  • Saiki Kusuo | Saiki K
  • Zuko | Avatar the Last Airbender
  • Shinso Hitoshi | My Hero Academia
  • Wallace Wells | Scott Pilgrim vs The World
  • Hades | Hellenism
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I learned how to blog shit lmao

myspace is so much easier on a fucking computer, makes sense but still. I thought i was gonna have to do some weird stuff to blog but no, it's really easy. Learning CSS is the devil though, I wanna practice more so I can make my background cool and bloody and sparkly but that will come with time. Also i'll learn basic coding so i suppose it's a life skill as well. right now i'm listening to peaches by the stranglers :))). i recommend it if ur sorta into off-beat rock, it's punk-inspired but definitely not hardcore and has a complex keyboard solo. idk i'm having fun, this gives off a really great feeling, it's casual, it's like I can talk about anything. I definitely like this more than other social media ^-^.

I think I'll post a song link in every blog just to make things interesting:


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