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"i want u outta here,ur better of dead!!!"
15 years old
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back from summer camp!!!

god i gotta get used to german keyboards again,ok,so
yeah so...
i was in summer camp,photography.and it was good!the people there were really cool!!!well...the way there was shit.i had to sit with a nazi on the train,yk,not a scary skinhead,but a fucking fat 15year old reddit kind of nazi.i,of course,punched him and almost got kicked off the train bc the ppl who work there are also nazis!fucking nice m8!fuck it,i arrived either way.when i actually arrived i got into my room,and after the other guys came in i got like,really homesick,went to the bathroom and listened halfway through the downward spiral bc im such sad emo boi
yeahhhhhhh,but it was fine later on...god im so tired,focusssssssssssssssssssss!!!
second day,i befriended the girls next door,one of them also went to photography,the rest to literature.we sat on the balcony untill like 5AM on the fourth day,it was so fucking coooool!but uh yeah,the people on photography,so
the girl i mentioned before went there,daria,then 2dudes from my room went there too.skater and jesus.
then there was asia (pronounced ashia) ,magda,tomek and tomasz,and this one fucking annoying prick whos name i wont even mention but that fucking fucker-god!
he threw my fucking stuff in the toilet!he was rude as fuck too i cant fucking believe it,he didnt get any punishment too,pretty fucking cool.
uhhhh...there was pizza night,but the pizza was cold and i think i got sick from that.
like 3days before the end 3 bands played,and we danced pogo and stuff,the second band played sex pistols and i screamed my fucking throat out,that i couldnt actually speak untill today
uhh...yeah,idk what to say anymore...thats it

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