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"AAAAAAAAH! (15+ pls)"
18 years old
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uh oh. Arc has too many interests.

i don't wanna make my bio on here huge just cos. Look At This. So! here are a few of my favourite things!! (also this is in no way shape or form a conclusive list, we’d be here forever if that was the case, + i have an awful memory so message me n find out more? Ig idk, I Am Lonely B)


clipping, Royal Blood, IDLES, Hozier, FEVER 333, CRX, The Amazing Devil, Left Boy, Sleeping With Sirens, Leathermouth, Queens of The Stone Age, Declan McKenna, Death, CORPSE, grandson, mitski, Mother Mother, Wallows, Lizzo, Yungblud, The Happy Yew, Gorillaz, and MIKA

MOVIES (some r for the nostalgia ok leave me alone):

Spider-Man: ITSV, JoJo Rabbit (honestly pretty much every movie Taika Waititi has directed/wrote), Portrait of a Lady on Fire, Da 5 Bloods, Ponyo, Hard Candy, Nobody Knows I’m Here, Treasure Planet, I Kill Giants, i’m thinking of ending things, Apostle, The Ritual, Train To Busan, Snowpiercer, Inkheart, Rise of the Guardians, and the Hell Boy movies. Also John Mulaney, Hannah Gadsby, and Bo Burnham’s comedy specials.

TV SHOWS & ANIME (gonna be a big one woah ALSO haven’t finished all of them so check b4 spoilers <3):

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, Assassination Classroom, Ore Monagatri, Merlin, Z Nation, Altered Carbon, Fleabag, Toradora!, IANOWT, Dragon Pilot, Lucifer, Grace and Frankie, The Dragon Prince, ATLA, Vikings, OHSHC, Castlevania, Snowpiercer, Parasyte, She-Ra:ATPOP, Queer Eye, Haikyuu!!, Love Death + Robots, Misfits, Doctor Who, One Punch Man, The Promised Neverland, and Erased.


PS4 Spider-Man, Minecraft, ACNH, Witcher 3, Skyrim, Titanfall 2, PUBG, MK11, Devil May Cry 5, Sims 4, Death and Taxes, and DDLC


Falsettos, Be More Chill, Beetlejuice, School Of Rock, Something Rotten, Dear Evan Hansen, The Lightning Thief, Sweeney Todd, Rocky Horror, Kinky Boots, Heathers, Legally Blonde, and Hairspray.

BOOKS (yes i am a child, and no i do not read enough):

The Rest Of Us Just Live Here, The Maze Runner Series, Hunger Games Series, Lost Property, and like four other books that i have completely forgotten the names of and the authors and it Haunts Me, i can’t read books from libraries man.

UH EMOTIONAL SUPPORT CHARACTERS IG (can u tell i don’t have many positive male role models in my life):

Doc (Z Nation), Deadpool, Spider-Man (Miles Morales and Peter Parker), 10th Doctor + Donna (Doctor Who- no i am not ok), Takeo + Yamato (Ore Monogatari), Lisa/Risa (Ponyo), Baymax + Wasabi (Big Hero 6), Scorpia (She-Ra), Zander (My #Bestie’s OC), Elowyn + Cassian (My Own OCs), Cherry + Goose (ACNH), Monroe (Grimm), Ned Leeds (Spider-Man: HOCO+FFH), Farrah + Dirk (DGHDA), Aang + Toph + Uncle Iroh (ATLA), Bolin (LOK), and Jaskier (The Witcher).

CELEBS (I just think some of them are neat):

Keanu Reeves, Lizzo, Harry Styles, Hozier, John Mulaney, and Mothman. Idk why i did this one i don’t follow many celebs whoops.

Yes. I do have too much time on my hands! Thanks for asking!
If u read any of this ur a God and i love u <3

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I'm going to force myself to stop thinking abt this but my letterboxd is Amanisti and my animelist



also guess who just figured out markdown syntax... this guy B)


Swiss Army Man Fuck.


u watch me remember other stuff i love and panic abt it not being on this list