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"Im that folkpunk bitch"
15 years old
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A rambly update on things

Im being rebellious and procrastinating my assignments >:)

So I opened the door to let my cat out because shes a little adventurer and it was like, SUPER cold!! I don't like the cold that much and it's been so long since Ive really gone outside I didn't really realize how quick winter was creeping up! I get kinda, well I don't want to say depression because Im not exactly diagnosed, but I get really sad in the winter so Im kinda nervous. My mental health crashed already and I don't know how well I'll be able to handle that on top of things. Anyways, have a picture of my cat. Her name is Kravitz and she's a little sweetheart >:3

(the things being weird but if you copy-paste that link you should get a picture of her laying on my purse)

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