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"do it for the vine"

14 years old
United States
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Song: Vast Error Vol. 4 - Fine With You

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its true.. i cant fight the homestuck!
name's avery, but you can call me niixyx because it's been scientifically proven to be the single most awesome username to ever reach the interwebs. hand crafted by yours truly. one of a kind. undeniably the best without debate. its meant to be pronounced nye-zicks but the running gag is that no two people ever pronounce it the same on their own, so you can pretend i never put that bit in to keep it going. he/they/she. just an overwhelmingly cool individual, into some even cooler things! those being homestuck, hiveswap, vast error, hlvrai, ichumon, bandori, purrfect apawcalypse, evangelion, and tetris. i collect calico critters, webkinz, vintage puppy & kitty surprises, as well as vintage kenner lps. being on the level of totally awesome that ive reached i unfortunately dont have time to care all that much about css. let me tell you though i whipped up some MEAN profiles on lioden back in the day. for now you can gaze upon this lovely eyesore purely made up of the BEST color to ever exist.
personality-stuff-wise we've got ISTP, 2w3, and chaotic neutral. if we want to dig into the loser stuff a bit im an aquarius and a prospit dreamer rogue of space. probably the most unbelievably based set of pure bullshit that i could lay out here.
QUADRANTS! except nobody uses this damn site.. yet.
<3 tammie
<> sam
im usually not one to interact first so if ive tickled your platonic fancy feel free to ring my line. open to talking to anyone and everyone, especially if youre the same flavor of loser as i am. i dont actually use punctuation on the regular but this is the one exception that i'll make for the sake of everything not being one big ass run-on sentence. ciao

Who I'd like to meet:

fellow awesome people.. fellow cool guys

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