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"We are the couriers of Life and Death."

16 years old
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Song: DJ OKAWARI feat. Kaori Sawada Everything's Alright

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About me:

"A taciturn messenger.
According to her own account, she's not hiding anything, just has nothing to say.
Though she gives off the impression being a loner, she is often seen with her fellow Penguin Logistics employees."

I'm a trans lesbian. I play a lot of video games, mostly Arknights, Genshin Impact, and Overwatch.
I kin spiritually, some kins are just a feeling though and not spiritual. I will try to list which ones are and aren't.

Italics means doubles not preferred, but I can make exceptions
-Weiss Schnee
-Agent 4
-Lillie, Pokemon S&M
-Amelie Lacroix, aka Widowmaker
-Ana Amari
-Asuna Yuuki


Kins that aren't spiritual
-Nazuna Hiwatashi
-Cynthia, Pokémon DPPt
-Gumi Megpoid
-2B, Nier Automata
-Yuuki Konno

Who I'd like to meet:

"Code name Texas. My duties consist of vehicle driving, cargo transportation and personnel safety. Keep mission briefings as simple as possible, please."


Lappland kins
Exusiai kins
arknights kins in general

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